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Whether they are minor or major, people sustain injuries every day. Dealing with the pain and healing process can be uncomfortable, tedious, and frustrating. Whatever temporary injuries or chronic physical conditions people are living with, they typically try a variety of methods for relief.

People do things to mitigate the pain, like taking medication and applying creams. To aid in the healing process, those suffering from injuries and conditions rest and receive physical therapy. Recently, people have been turning to a type of treatment that utilizes targeted electrical currents, one of which is Equiscope® microcurrent therapy.

At VitalHealth Partners in Willoughby Hills, we provide Equiscope microcurrent services. Our team can assess patients and supply them with information and a treatment plan specially tailored to their situation. To learn more about our services or schedule an appointment, call 440-571-0006 today.

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What Is Equiscope Microcurrent Therapy?

Equiscope microcurrent therapy is a type of treatment in which minute electrical currents can help heal an injury and provide pain relief for a chronic physical condition. This procedure relies on the correction of electromagnetic signals in the body and the stimulation of the body's natural healing response at a cellular level.

Microcurrent treatments are typically non-invasive, but still can address issues at an internal (and cellular) level. When combined with regular physical therapy and recovery practices, microcurrent therapy can allow for quicker, more effective healing and pain relief. In fact, a study published in the U.S. National Library of Medicine found that microcurrent therapy can help reduce pain and accelerate the healing process in chronic wounds.

What Is The Equiscope?

The Equiscope is a device for administering microcurrent treatment and is reported to be the most advanced device of its kind on the market today. It uses advanced technology to detect abnormal bodily tissue and automatically administer a charge which balances the electrical signals in the affected area.

The device allows for the exchange of nutrients and ions like sodium and potassium. The cell membranes become more accessible to these nutrients while also expelling waste and toxins. This is the result of restored cellular and mitochondrial electrical homeostasis.

When the cells are in this healthier, higher functioning state, it creates an optimal environment for the patient's body to continue to carry out the healing process, but at a quicker and more effective rate. Additionally, Equiscope microcurrent therapy is something that a patient can do multiple times, building on the progress of each of the previous treatments.

Cells and Electricity

Erwin Neher and Bert Sakmann received the Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine in 1991 for their discovery that revealed ion channels operate at pico-ampere (or one trillionth of an amp). The two scientists monitored the communication of cells in the nervous system with a proprietary measuring system. They found that tiny electric signals cause the release of a transmitter chemical, which encourages the opening of ion channels on cell receptors.

The Equipscope can deliver an electrical charge at a low enough power so that it opens cell ion channels without damaging the cell or diminishing its charge. This helps balance its conductivity and restores its normal function.

The Importance of Ion Channels, Mitochondria, ATP In Cellular and Bodily Processes

Cells require micronutrients, hormones, and other materials to function. A cell's ion channels usually open to allow these things to enter while also allowing waste to pass out. When an injury or inflammation occurs, the electrical signals that control these ion channels can change and disrupt the cell's transportation process and homeostasis.

Mitochondria are responsible for powering cells, and therefore, nearly everything in the human body. They convert oxygen and sugar to ATP energy molecules, which power things like the heart, lungs, brain, and much more. Organs like these require more mitochondria, and therefore more ATP than many others because they depend on a lot of energy to run.

When electrical signals are disrupted, homeostasis is lost, and the mitochondrial membranes become damaged and less effective. Subsequently, when they become less active, energy production slows, and ion channels are not able to properly release waste and toxins. This increase in waste can lead to inflammation and pain in the tissue containing the cells.

Equiscope Versus Other Energy Based Physical Therapy Devices

Treatments such as pulsed electromagnetic field, deep tissue laser therapy, and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation can be abrasive on tissues. They put out more powerful electrical signals than Equiscope microtherapy and operate without adjusting for any bodily feedback. A treatment like transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) hits a nerve with enough charge that it is temporarily no longer conductive.

On the other hand, the Equiscope is a more advanced and nuanced, two-way system. It delivers its charge based on the electrical imbalance in the targeted area of the body. It does this by using a computer chip and complex algorithm to adjust its electrical output automatically.

The amount of electricity is one-trillionth of an amp, meaning the Equiscope is both far more subtle and effective than its counterparts. It corrects the conductivity of the cells while simultaneously returning homeostasis and reducing inflammation.

Uses and Benefits of Equiscope Microcurrent Therapy

Many athletes, active people, those with injuries, and more utilize Equiscope microcurrent therapy. Fortunately, this kind of treatment has a range of applications. It can help treat a wide array of issues, including tendonitis, back pain, chronic regional pain syndrome, headaches, joint pain, arthritis, neuromuscular pain, and much more.

People find that microcurrent therapy also offers various benefits. It can reduce inflammation, accelerate recovery, improve athletic performance, facilitate detoxification, and tighten skin.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Equiscope microcurrent therapy work?

It uses a minute electrical signal to detect and readjust imbalanced electrical signals in the body to assist the opening of ion channels in cell membranes. This allows nutrients to flow into the cell, toxins to flow out, and the mitochondria to function properly. Overall, this can facilitate healing and decrease inflammation.

What are some applications of microcurrent therapy?

Practitioners can use microcurrent therapy to help treat patients with many types of tissue injuries. These issues include tendonitis, back pain, chronic regional pain syndrome, headaches, joint pain, arthritis, neuromuscular pain, and more.

Is Equiscope like other energy-based physical therapy devices?

It is more nuanced and targeted than other treatments like TENS therapy. The Equiscope administers a small fraction of the energy compared to other devices, and it can adjust its output depending on the electrical signals it receives from the bodily tissue.

What are the benefits of Equiscope microcurrent therapy?

The possible benefits of microcurrent treatment are numerous. They can include reduced inflammation, accelerated recovery, improved athletic performance, facilitated detoxification, and tightened skin.